Who remembers Stanley Ernest Messum?

Updated 9 March 2022
The Canadian Virtual War Memorial does.

In memory of Flying Officer Stanley Ernest Messum
April 6, 1945

Military Service:
Service Number: J/19447
Age: 29
Force: Air Force
Unit:Royal Canadian Air ForceDivision: 443 Sqdn.

Additional Information:
Son of Henry Clifford Messum and of Lydia Florence Messum (nee Pallot), of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Husband of Daisy Denise Messum.

Grave Reference:14. A. 15.

Jim O’Toole also remembers…

443 group picture 1945

Stan Messum is pictured on top of plane was killed later in April.

32 thoughts on “Who remembers Stanley Ernest Messum?

  1. At the end of January, F/L H. P. Fuller became tour expired and Don Walz took over ‘B’ Flight. In February, F/L A. Hunter, F/O P. E. H. Ferguson, F/O L. B. Foster, F/L R. B. Henderson, F/L J. R. Irwin and F/L P. G. Blades followed Fuller. F/L L. E. Hunt replaced Blades as “A” Flight Commander. The squadron also lost P/O R. L. Gaudet, posted out on medical grounds. This left only Phil Bockman, Fairfield, and Don Walz of the original twenty pilots posted overseas from Canada a year earlier. Replacement pilots were F/L J. C. Turcott, F/O’s J. Collins, H. A. Greene, M. J. S. Clow, S. E. Messum, G. A. McDonald, J. W. O’Toole, and WO C. J. Grant. As well, F/O C. E. Glover, Hornet adjutant, was replaced by P/O C. W. Kroeker.


    As the armies swept forward into north-western Germany, the fighter squadrons of 2nd TAF followed close behind. After twelve days in Eindhoven, the Hornets flew to Rheine for a day as the Wing advanced to Diepholz for a fortnight before advancing to Reinsehien for a few days of operations. Despite these moves, the squadron peaked to 829 sorties and the pilots flew 1244 hours, which was almost as high as the two previous months combined!

    Persistent poor weather in early April necessitated weather recces to see if conditions were fit for operations. On one of these missions, F/O S. E. Messum was killed by enemy flak.


  2. Stanley Messum was my uncle on my Father’s side. I was able to visit his grave site in Kleve, Germany in 2011. Also have pics of his brother, Roy ( my father) visiting the same cemetery in the 50’s.

      • Hi Pierre, I know this is a few years after the stream of information but I have numerous pictures of Stanley Messum plus a memorial piece my Dad, George Dennis Aitken, AFC wrote at some point. They were very good friends in 403 RCAF Squadron, out of North Weald. I would be happy to find a home for the pictures so if you still have contact information for Lisa Casey, Sue Barichello, I would be happy to connect & share.

      • Hi Pierre,
        I would like to receive the phone of my uncle, Stan Messum from Mr. Aitken.
        If not for the website I would have known they existed. Thanks.

  3. Pierre, Hello from North Wales in the UK. My family has connections with Stan going back to the 1930’s when my uncle became friendly with the Messum family during his adventures in North America. I have visited his grave on four occasions since 2000 & sent his brother Alec some photos at the time. I don’t know whether Susan is familiar with the story. My grandfather gave Daisy away at their wedding in Manchester in November 1944. I have some photos via my mother, one taken in Egypt in Jan. 1943 (while serving with 417 Sqdn?). I would not presume to post on line without the OK from his family. It would so nice if you could put me in touch with Susan so that we can share our stories & memories of Stan. Any assistance would be much appreciated as I’ve only just stumbled across these posts. Kind regards Steve Rogers,Greenfield, Flintshire, U.K.

  4. That’s wonderful! I have forwarded this to my mother, Sue Barichello (nee Messum). We would love to see the photos and share any information. Thank you!

    • Hello Steven, Hello & thank you for sharing your connection to my family. Sadly I never knew my uncle Stan. When my mom went into care in Victoria about 2010 we came across old letters, photos etc. In the crawl space of her home. I believe my Mom dated Stan before he left for England as I have photos of the two of them together. Shortly afterwards she started seeing my Dad, Roy (Stan’s 2nd youngest brother), they married in 1946. Thank goodness she kept everything as it gave me a link to my uncle. I wish that I had asked more questions about Uncle Stan when my Dad was alive. I visited his gravesite in Kleve in 2011. I also have a black & white photo of my Dad taken in 1955 at the same gravesite.
      I have a wedding picture of Stan & Daisy. How interesting that your grandfather gave Daisy away. I understand that Daisy was estranged from her family. I believe my grandfather brought Daisy to B.C. after my uncle died but there the story grows cold. I live in Maple Ridge, B.C. part time, splitting the rest of the year between Kelowna, B.C. & Palm Desert, California. I would like to keep in touch.
      Sue Barichello

      • Sue & Lisa, So nice to hear from you both. Can you let me have your email addresses & I shall put something together for you. Give me a few days to do some scanning & write something about the story as I know it.

      • Hi Steven,
        Thanks for your reply. My email is …
        Look forward to your follow up.

      • Thanks. Oops on my part as I didn’t see Steven’s email at the end of the response.

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