Remembering Michael Rico Sharun – RCAF 416 Squadron

About Michael Rico Sharun

RCAF 416 Squadron

Note: I had written this post on another blog about RCAF 443 Squadron. Michael Rico Sharun’s niece found what I had written, and she wrote this very interesting comment.

I don’t know if anyone will see this. Michael Rico Sharun was married to my aunt at the time of his death in 1945 (?) I have a photo album that belonged to him, along with two of his medals. His is a very interesting story!

Original post

I found Michael Rico Sharun’s name on this post I wrote about Paul Piché a few years ago.

The post was titled Paul Piché Killed.

The original post follows…

I had never noticed this before on these two pages sent by Arthur Horrell’s grandniece Nicole…

One picture is missing from this page of Art Sager’s pictures of the men under his command.


In fact two pictures are missing.


I wonder who was…

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About Bill Bentley

Someone commented on the latest post.

Thank you for the invite. So pleased that you are recognising the veterans of 443 sqn. I’m related to William Bentley who was KIA whilst in Normandy serving on 443 Sqn. Bill stayed with my grandfather when he was billeted in the UK. I have done quite a lot of research around him and his service. Bill’s sister Betty, is a very active lady and still lives in Toronto, she was Bill’s youngest sister and very fond of Bill. She may be interested in your event. I will speak to her. I live in the UK so unlikely to be able to make it in person. I am planning to revisit Normandy in August and pay respects to Bill and visit B2 and B3 airfields along with the Canadian museum at Juno beach. Please pursue Bill’s Facebook page where I have collated all my information.
Out of interest are there any Veterans who served in 1944? Anyone remember Bill? I would love to meet them.
Kind regards

Please free to use Bill’s photos.

William John Bentley. RCAF – KIA 1944. – Home | Facebook
William John Bentley. RCAF – KIA 1944. 20 likes. This has been created both in memory of, and to aid further research into a relative who served an pilot…


More than just names…?

A special homage to Ivor Williams and his fellow pilots

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

This is post 94 on this blog.

It started here

In fact it started in 1952 on page 4, last paragraph.

Flying Officers L. P. E. Piche and A. J. Horrell set out in an Auster to fly to Antwerp. They arrived there safely, took off again and vanished into the blue. Both pilots had been with the squadron since Gander days.


More than just names…?

I had never heard of those two pilots before Nicole Morley wrote a comment on my blog paying homage to another RCAF fighter squadron, No. 403.

Nicole had written a simple comment posted in March 2013.


My name is Nicole Morley and my Great Uncle Arthur James Horrell was in the 443 squadron. I don’t know if my Great Uncle ever knew William Irvine Gould but I imagine he probably did. I’m doing some research on my Uncle and was wondering if…

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This is post No.111

This blog has been dormant for quite a while.

It’s perfectly alright because it’s meant to be discovered by relatives of pilots who flew with 443 Squadron.

It would take you many hours to read all that I wrote about that squadron I never knew had existed before Nicole Morley wrote a comment on another blog.

This is how my blogs are created.

This is a great picture of Ivor Williams.

Nicole 001 Ivor Williams

Ivor gave it to Nicole and she scanned it.

When Nicole sent it I did not know where that picture was taken.

Now I know.

You Have to Start Somewhere

One of the earlier posts of this blog when Ivor Williams was just a name and a pilot in the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane.

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

Post 25

This blog started small after Nicole contacted me on my blog about RCAF 403 Squadron.


My name is Nicole Morley and my Great Uncle Arthur James Horrell was in the 443 squadron. I don’t know if my Great Uncle ever knew William Irvine Gould but I imagine he probably did. I’m doing some research on my Uncle and was wondering if there was anyone who had pictures or information about the 443 squadron or anything related to my Uncle. You can reach me at my e-mail address.


You have to start somewhere. So I started looking and looking, and looking.

Click here.

This Website has a lot of information about RCAF 443 Squadron. This is where I got this picture from.


Not many names…

Until Nicole went to see Ivor Williams a former Spitfire pilot who flew with RCAF 443 Squadron.

Nicole 001 Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams gave Nicole this…

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Who remembers Edmund William “Ed” Poscavage?

About Ed Poscavage

Edmund Poscavage

Jake Gaudaur every November 11th.

1942 Grey Cup

His daughter Diane Gaudaur in 2010.


Portrait drawn by best friend, Jacob (Jake) Gaudaur, posthumously. Shot down in Germany 1945, leaving young bride Cynthia Claire Dawson.


Exceptional athlete & war hero. High School Graduation yearbook photo

Diane Gaudaur again in 2012.


Linda Tortorelli in 2013.

Edmund-Poscavage RCAF

Ed in Uniform

Jack Cook in 2013.

Poscavage plane cockpit enhanced

First Lieutenant Poscavage in P-47D Thunderbolt in France during 1945

Who remembers Edmund Poscavage?

His story was told in 2013.

Poscavage  - jump page(1)

To be continued…

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