Ripples in the water – Stanley Ernest Messum

Hi there!

My name is B…, and for my 10th grade social studies class I am doing a project on Stanley Ernest Messum, as he is my great great Uncle.

My mom and my grandma had talked to you a couple years ago and got a lot of great information I have been able to use for my project.

 I wanted to connect with you and see if you would be able to have a look at my project so far, to see if there was anything I had incorrect or anything you think I should add.

Thanks for your time…

 This was shared a few years ago…

Stan Messum is pictured on top of plane was killed in later April.

Stanley Ernest Messum is seen sitting on the propeller of a Spitfire. Most of these young men have long been forgotten. In 1945 they were posing for posterity so one day we might remember them on Remembrance Day.

I wish I could remember all of them…

Stanley Ernest Messum