About the author

A school teacher with a background in history, I was born in Montreal, but have lived in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines since 1981. Passionate about genealogy in my spare time, I have another blog dedicated to genealogy.

It is this passion that led me to create Souvenir de guerre, a blog on the wartime memories of my family members.

I learned that my great uncle Adrien Tremblay died on December 17, 1944 in Holland. He was a member of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal.

2008-08-27 Adrien Tremblay

Two of my wife’s uncles went to Europe. One was wounded on the beaches of Normandy and the other was a sailor on the Athabaskan that sank on April 29, 1944.

Athabaskan April 1944

He didn’t want to talk about it like so many veterans do, so I decided to talk about it for him. Then, as the days and weeks went by, people entrusted me with the wartime memories of their loved ones so that I could tell you about it.

I write to keep remembrance alive… 

On my blogs about WWII, we don’t glorify war, we talk about the men and women who served their country. Few of these veterans want to talk about it. I do it for them, as do the people whose sites I link to.

So, for all those unknown heroes who fell one by one in the field of honour, and for those who survived the battles to fall one by one into oblivion… I dedicate these pages.

They will remain only a vague memory when they die, or… they will be the strangers we honour on Remembrance Day when, to clear their conscience, those who send our soldiers to the battlefields will lay wreaths on the grave of the unknown soldier.

The more I remember, the more I want to remember…