Remembering Michael Rico Sharun – RCAF 416 Squadron

About Michael Rico Sharun

RCAF 416 Squadron

Note: I had written this post on another blog about RCAF 443 Squadron. Michael Rico Sharun’s niece found what I had written, and she wrote this very interesting comment.

I don’t know if anyone will see this. Michael Rico Sharun was married to my aunt at the time of his death in 1945 (?) I have a photo album that belonged to him, along with two of his medals. His is a very interesting story!

Original post

I found Michael Rico Sharun’s name on this post I wrote about Paul Piché a few years ago.

The post was titled Paul Piché Killed.

The original post follows…

I had never noticed this before on these two pages sent by Arthur Horrell’s grandniece Nicole…

One picture is missing from this page of Art Sager’s pictures of the men under his command.


In fact two pictures are missing.


I wonder who was…

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