More about Sidney Bregman

At first he was an unidentified pilot on a group picture.


Squadron photo Jan 1944 unidentified pilot


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Just to let you know the unknown squadron 443 member kneeling in the front row beside Luis Perez Gomez is Sidney Bregman (not EH Fairfield). When the Step-Daughter of Sidney e-mailed me she confirmed that after looking at the photo copy of the squadron picture I sent her she knew right away that Sidney was the unknown squadron member. I was saying to Tara that I’m curious now to figure out which one is EH Fairfield in the squadron picture?


127772_BREGMAN , sidney_0001


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I am pleased to learn that Sidney Bregman lived a long and full life with a large family. The reason for my interest is that on my 58th birthday (27th. September 2016) I will be flying in Spitfire MJ627 in which, as a member of RCAF 441 squadron, on the same day in 1944, P/O Bregman shot down a Messerschmitt Bf109 over Arnhem. I have many reasons for making this flight, but mainly it is as an act of respect and remembrance, also to try and gain a greater appreciation of the difficulties and discomfort that the men who took part in this conflict underwent. To say nothing of the thrill of a lifetime in actually flying one of these beautiful aircraft.