Ripples in the water – Update

Updated 9 November 2020

There is a follow-up on this post. Click here.Click here.

443 group picture 1945

Hi there…

Yes dad and I have been looking at that photo off and on and he has a few names for the folks in the photo… He also is unsure on some of them…

The picture was likely taken in later March or early April 1945 as Stan Messum pictured on top of plane was killed in later April.

So from top to bottom and left to right:

Stan Messum on top

Standing Left to right:

Terry Watt,

Art Sager,

Unsure ,


Possible Lloyd Hunt (maybe Monty Clow),

Possibly Peewee Dalton,

Charles Stephens,

Cecil Grant,

Percy Gomez,

Charles Charlesworth


Kneeling bottom row:

Gerry (Gouty) Gould,

T (Ted or Terry) Green,

Unsure (fellow in middle between front row and those standing), Possibly Dodds,

James O’Toole (my dad),

Olar Dodson

Other names that may be here include:


RA Hodgins,

D Walz,

WG Conway,

RD Marsh,

J Collins,

GA McDonald,

CJ Grant,

JC Turcott,

W Kroeker,

Gordon Ockenden


Hope that helps…


Some pictures shared since I created this blog about that squadron.


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