This is post No.111

This blog has been dormant for quite a while.

It’s perfectly alright because it’s meant to be discovered by relatives of pilots who flew with 443 Squadron.

It would take you many hours to read all that I wrote about that squadron I never knew had existed before Nicole Morley wrote a comment on another blog.

This is how my blogs are created.

This is a great picture of Ivor Williams.

Nicole 001 Ivor Williams

Ivor gave it to Nicole and she scanned it.

When Nicole sent it I did not know where that picture was taken.

Now I know.


The unknown Spitfire pilot of Kanata

I knew Bernard Vilandre who is listed in photo in Course 6 and then shotdown by night fighter and POW until war’s end, Squadron  111. Bernard passed away 11/30/2005.  Thanks for his contribution and sacrifice. His gravestone makes no mention of him being a Fighter Pilot etc. He is buried in a small country churchyard on the March Road, Kanata, Ontario. I am so pleased to find a photo of him “Course 6″ as my personal photos of the two of us were lost due to fire.



Arrival in Liverpool, January 1944 Redux

I had started this blog with what I could find about 443 Squadron.

I had found this information on the Internet…

On the morning of December 23, 1943, the advance party of No. 129 Squadron arrived to take over No. 127’s duties at Dartmouth and a happy band of officers and airmen boarded a train to take them home on embarkation leave. So ended No. 127 Squadron’s tour in Canada. The squadron’s flying personnel now included: S/L H. W. McLeod, F/Ls D. M. Walz and M. V. Shenk, P/Os E. H. Fairfield, A. J. Horrell, A. Hunter, G. F. Ockenden and C. E. Scarlett, P/Os W. A. Aziz, S. Bregman, L. B. Foster, W. A. C. Gilbert, T. G. Munro, L. Perez-Gomez, L. P. E. Piché, W. I. Williams and L. H. Wilson, W02 D. F. Bridges, F/Ss P. G. Bockman, P. E. Ferguson and G. E. Urquhart, and Sgt H. W. Summerfeldt.


The squadron’s flying personnel now included:

S/L H. W. McLeod,

F/L D. M. Walz

F/L M. V. Shenk,

P/O E. H. Fairfield,

P/O A. J. Horrell,

P/O A. Hunter,

P/O G. F. Ockenden

P/O C. E. Scarlett,

P/O W. A. Aziz,

P/O S. Bregman,

P/O L. B. Foster,

P/O W. A. C. Gilbert,

P/O T. G. Munro,

P/O L. Perez-Gomez,

P/O L. P. E. Piché,

P/O W. I. Williams

 P/O L. H. Wilson,

WO2 D. F. Bridges,

F/S P. G. Bockman,

F/S P. E. Ferguson and

F/S G. E. Urquhart, and

Sgt H. W. Summerfeldt.


Little did I know back then that this blog would generate some interest among my readers.

In this message, Tara, Paul Émile Piché’s granddaughter wants to know who is the unknown pilot in this picture?

new identification 443 January 1944

I have been trying to figure out who the “unknown” pilot in the first row of the picture is. I have also changed the pilot identified as “Ferguson” in the far right, back row to “unknown” since P.E. Ferguson has been identified.

On Mr. McManus’ website, he identifies the members of 443 Squadron before they left Dartmouth. I put this information in a table to help us identify the “unknown” pilots in the photo.  McManus tells us that there were 23 pilots in 443 Squadron but the photo only has 18 people in it. When I cross-reference the pilots from McManus’ website, I find that six people are not accounted for in the photo:

F/L D.M. Walz

P/O E.H. Fairfield

P/O S. Bregman

WO2 D.F. Bridges

F/S G.E. Urquhart.

Sgt. H.W. Summerfeldt.

If this photo is only of the pilots, can we assume that the two unknown airmen are Fairfield and Bregman?
Would you be able to double-check my work to see if this might be a possibility? I think it is important to put a name to these men. To that end, I would also like to put their full names where possible instead of just initials. Somewhere, someone knew them as “Bill” or “Len” etc. and by giving them a name instead of initials, we make their life more real.

This is the original picture taken from the archives of the DND.

Squadron photo Jan 1944

I used it to make different montages.

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Paul Emile Piché

Paul-Émile Piché

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Art Horrell

Arthur James Horrell

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Luis Perez-Gomez

Luis Perez-Gomez

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter

Squadron photo Jan 1944 C E Scarlet

C. E. Scarlet

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Ferguson

Percival Edward Ferguson

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Gordon Frederick Ockenden

Gordon Frederick Ockenden

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Henry Wallace McLeod

Henry Wallace McLeod

Squadron photo Jan 1944 Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams

Squadron photo Jan 1944 L H Wilson

L. H. Wilson

Squadron photo Jan 1944 M V Shenk

M. V. Shenk

Squadron photo Jan 1944 P G Bockman

P. G. Bockman

Squadron photo Jan 1944 T G Munroe

T. G. Munroe

Squadron photo Jan 1944 unidentified pilot

unidentified pilot

Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A Aziz

W. A. Aziz

Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A C Gilbert

W. A. C. Gilbert

This is Tara’s worksheet about where she stands right now in her search.

Rank 127 Squadron – December 1943

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


23 pilots, 3 airmen and 1 medical officer

January 31, 1944

Liverpool, England

(From: photo edited by Ivor Williams)

First and middle names? Notes
S/L H.W. McLeod Henry Wallace McLeod   Took over leadership of Squadron from Paul Gilbertson Dec  1943
F/L D.M. Waltz     One of original 13 pilots of 127 Squadron
F/L M.V. Shenk M.V. Shenk Vince? Joined squadron  in July 1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O E.H. Fairfield     Not sure when he joined 443
P/O A. J. Horrell Arthur James Horrell   Joined squadron at Gander in May 1943
P/O A. Hunter Alex Hunter   Joined squadron  in Sept.  1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O G. F. Ockenden Gordon Frederick Ockenden   Joined squadron at Gander in April 1943
P/O C.E. Scarlett C.E. Scarlett   Joined squadron at Gander in April 1943
P/O W.A. Aziz W.A. Aziz Bill? Joined squadron at Gander in June 1943
P/O S. Bregman     Joined squadron at Gander in June 1943
P/O. L. B. Foster Les Foster   Joined squadron at Gander in Dec 1942
P/O W.A.C.Gilbert William Alonzo Cramner Gilbert   Joined squadron  in Nov. 1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O T.G. Munro T.G. Munro   Joined squadron  in July 1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O L. Perez-Gomez Luis Perez-Gomez   Joined squadron  in Nov. 1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O P.E. Piche Louis Paul Emile Piche   Joined squadron  in July 1943 now back in Dartmouth
P/O W. I. Williams Ivor Williams   Joined squadron at Gander in Dec 1942
P/O L. H. Wilson L.H. Wilson Len? Joined squadron  in Nov. 1943 now back in Dartmouth
WO2 D.F. Bridges     Joined squadron at Gander in Dec 1942
F/S P.G. Bockman P.G. Bockman (Vickers)   Joined squadron at Gander in Nov 1942
F/S P.E. Ferguson Percival Edward Ferguson   Joined squadron  in July 1943 now back in Dartmouth
F/S G.E. Urquhart     Joined squadron at Gander in Nov 1943
Sgt. H.W. Summerfeldt     Joined squadron at Gander in June 1943
December 23, 1943 – Jan ? 1944  Embarkation Leave

Depart Lachine on ship, “Pasteur” on Jan 20, 1944

 Arrive Liverpool, England January 31, 1944

Once in England they were joined in approximately March 1944 by:
F/S R.A. Hodgins      
F/L W.A. Prest      
Further joined in approximately April 1944 by:
F/L I.R. MacLennan      
DFM Hugh Russell      
  E.B. Stovel      
F/O J.R. Irwin      
F/O G.R. Stephen      
P/O R.B. Henderson      
“A” Flight – Ian MacLennan “B” Flight – Bill Prest


Post 75 – About this picture

Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A C Gilbert

This is a montage I made using Paint from Windows.

Simple to make. Just copy a section, paste it, resize it (400%), and move it where you want to place it.

Take this image sent in 2013 by Nicole Morley, whom I never met.

Nicole 001 (2)

Nicole is the person behind the idea of this blog. She shared what little she knew in 2013 about her granduncle, and I got curious and created this blog about 443 Squadron.

Arthur James Horrell

In April 2013, Nicole met Ivor Williams, another Spitfire pilot with 443 Squadron, and he identified for her most of the pilots on this picture.

Nicole 001 (2)

Nicole wrote everything down and passed it on.

Nicole just wrote me about it.

I just wanted to let you know that after doing some digging I learned that Philip Bockman changed his last name to Vickers after the war. I originally had put the name Bickers underneath his full name but I realize afterwards that I misunderstood Ivor Williams. Also where you listed the name Ferguson with regards to Squadron 443 it should read Percival Edward Ferguson.
Take care.                           
Nicole Morley
There was another correction made earlier by this pilot’s daughter…
Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A C Gilbert
Rooney Alexander Hodgins should say instead William Alonzo Cramner Gilbert aka “WAC Gilbert”
How can I make that correction?
new identification 443 January 1944