Post 75 – About this picture

Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A C Gilbert

This is a montage I made using Paint from Windows.

Simple to make. Just copy a section, paste it, resize it (400%), and move it where you want to place it.

Take this image sent in 2013 by Nicole Morley, whom I never met.

Nicole 001 (2)

Nicole is the person behind the idea of this blog. She shared what little she knew in 2013 about her granduncle, and I got curious and created this blog about 443 Squadron.

Arthur James Horrell

In April 2013, Nicole met Ivor Williams, another Spitfire pilot with 443 Squadron, and he identified for her most of the pilots on this picture.

Nicole 001 (2)

Nicole wrote everything down and passed it on.

Nicole just wrote me about it.

I just wanted to let you know that after doing some digging I learned that Philip Bockman changed his last name to Vickers after the war. I originally had put the name Bickers underneath his full name but I realize afterwards that I misunderstood Ivor Williams. Also where you listed the name Ferguson with regards to Squadron 443 it should read Percival Edward Ferguson.
Take care.                           
Nicole Morley
There was another correction made earlier by this pilot’s daughter…
Squadron photo Jan 1944 W A C Gilbert
Rooney Alexander Hodgins should say instead William Alonzo Cramner Gilbert aka “WAC Gilbert”
How can I make that correction?
new identification 443 January 1944


The Last Plane He Flew

While waiting for Nicole’s pictures, here is a drawing of the last plane Arthur James Horrell flew.

This drawing is taken from this Website. I stumbled on this site while looking for information about this other pilot.

Richard Cooper’s father-in-law is Theodore Griffiths who flew with 23 Squadron. Rich is doing the same thing as Nicole sharing someone’s memories from WWII. Theodore is 92 and he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He can’t remember the present, but he can still remember the past.

Rich is doing the same thing as Mark White who is sharing his father’s memories about Erks with 403 Squadron.

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In Homage to Arthur James Horrell

Like so many, Arthur never returned to his home town after the war to tell his story…

Arthur James Horrell picture

His grand niece will tell his story with my help along the way on this blog.

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