Honouring Flying Officer Rooney Hodgins DFC with Bar

David Kluey commented once more…

As a result of this  unfortunate mishap, I was always intrigued with Vampires, leading to my flight in 2012 in UK with Matt Hampton of The Vampire Preservation Group. In 1948 many people were quite interested in viewing a propellor less aircraft actually fly. We watched in awe as F/O Hodgins aircraft slowly spiralled downward from a high altitude with no attempt to recover. Personally, I have always believed he was probably unconscious at the time. The original Vampires became known for oxygen system failures and were not fitted with ejection seat systems at that time.


9 thoughts on “Honouring Flying Officer Rooney Hodgins DFC with Bar

  1. I remember F/O Rooney Hodgins tragic crash in June of 1958.
    Like David Kluey, my Dad was also in the RCAF, and stationed at Rockcliffe Airbase. In fact David and I are roughly the same age, wnt to the same public school, and lived in the PMQ’s on the base.
    This was my first realization that flying could be dangerous. In the Spring, every Air Force Day we got to see all the pilots practice their flying skills, and push the machines and themselves to the limit. It has taken almost 70 years to find out who paid the ultimate price that fateful day.
    “Rest In Peace Rooney !”
    David if you happen to see this please email me.

  2. Afternoon Pierre: I just spotted Randy Hunters remarks. I remember Randy very well. By all means, please pass my email address on to Randy or give me his so we may get in touch. Many thx

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