A special request

Dear Pierre,

In the war 443 Squadron was part of 127 Wing.  Our story begins after VE- Europe in the British occupation Zone in North Germany. A few miles from Hamburg in the small village Uetersen not far from base 174 lived a German girl named Anne Marie who is my friend’s grandmother. This base was RAF controlled until 1955. The 2nd of July 1945, the HQ of 126 Wing arrived to this base and not long after came the first Canadian Squadron 421 together with servicing Echelon (8-23 Jul 1945). From 4th of July the 126 Wing had 5 Squadrons for the Canadian Post-war actions.

No 411 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 412 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 416 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 443 Sqn (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

No 421 Sqn (8 Jul-23 Jul 1945).

No 6416 (RCAF) Servicing Echelon (4 Jul 1945-15 Mar 1946).

No 6443 (RCAF) Servicing Echelon (5 Jul 1945-15 Mar 1946).

No 6412 (RCAF) Servicing Echelon (5 Jun 1945-15 Mar 1946).

No 6421 (RCAF) Servicing Echelon (8-23 Jul 1945).

HQ  No 126 Wing (4 Jul 1945-19 Mar 1946).

The only thing we know about Alexander is that he was a Canadian soldier and they met in this area. She got pregnant and gave birth to a little girl Kerstien but unfortunately she has to put her for adoption because she was not able to take care of her by herself. Kerstien was born in May 1946 and Alexander was already home by then.  For answering your question we think he was either pilot or ground personnel  because these are the only Canadian we found out about in this area at the time for Post-war. That’s why a name list is so important over this 5 Squadrons and ground personnel. There are very few documents on Canadians who served at base 174 Uetersen.

So please if you hear or read anything about relatives to someone who stayed in base 174 Uetersen in post-war period don’t hesitate to give them my mail address.

We are very thankful for your offer to post our request so we hope we can come back when we have a more complete story to publish.

We have a very good  contact with one of your follower who already posted part of our story on your fantastic blog and helping us a lot to come further in our search for this unknown grandfather Alexander. (Request 1174 Alexander).

Best Regards

Sandra Sjöberg/Mikael Nilsson


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