Who cares?

Something to reflect upon

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

That’s what John told me a few times when I visited him on Saturday afternoon.

Who cares? I do and a whole lot more people do. More and more people are writing about WWII than ever before.

I call this another revolution just like Gutenberg’s invention.


People are now sharing on the Internet little known facts about WWII. The daughter of a paratrooper in the Pacific. The nephew of a Japanese soldier killed in 1944, the nephew of a tail gunner on a B-25 in the Pacific. The grandniece of Arthur James Horrell who wanted to know how her granduncle died. The granddaughter of Paul Émile Piché who died in the plane with Arthur Horrell also wanted to know. Leslie Birket Foster’s daughter who shared her father’s memoirs. The list goes on and on.

More and more people care about what went on during WWII. I started writing about WWII…

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