Part of John Le May’s collection

This is John Le May.


John is 91.

A few years ago, his son asked him to write down his memoirs. In doing so, he searched for documentation he had put away.

Impressive to say the least.


All is being share on my other blog about 403 Squadron. John had this document he typed 70 years ago!

history of 403 squadron

He also had this one…

443 squadron

2 thoughts on “Part of John Le May’s collection

  1. Hi Pierre,
    It is so important to capture and remember our history. I would encourage descendants of 443 to donate memorabilia to 443 Squadron for future generations to understand the great sacrifice that was made by its members.

    • Whenever I have something that someone is willing to share I make it a duty to post it on the blog. If I find something more in John Le May’s collection, I will post it.

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