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I wanted to comment on your post from the 21st of April, 2013, which includes the photo of Squadron 443 with names inked in to identify the pilots. One pilot, fourth from the left, in the front row, is incorrectly identified as R A Hodgins. This is, in fact, W. A. C. Gilbert. I am his daughter.


Jean (Gilbert) MacFarlane

This is the original post


Why wait for tomorrow…

Life is too short.

Nicole 001 (2)

Can’t get better than this…

You can click on the image to zoom in.

This blog started to pay homage to this pilot

Arthur Horrell

Arthur James Horrell

I knew from the start it would not end with only one post just like when I started my blog about RCAF 403 Squadron in 2011. Or its sequel about 128 Squadron.

Just like when I started my blog about the sinking of the Athabaskan back in 2009.

Where this blog about RCAF 443 will go, I have no idea. I know that I will do next though. Paying homage to the pilot who died with Arthur on October 1944.


Next time I will look for more information on W. A. C. Gilbert

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One thought on “The Names – Comment

  1. His name is found here.

    While at Dartmouth, P/O M. W. Brown, Sgt Frombolo, F/O P. C. Holden, F/S H. L. Eakes and P/O Humphries departed on postings, leaving only D. M. Walz of the original thirteen pilots. F/O F. W. Ward also left the squadron in the Fall of 1943. Newcomers were F/L W. V. Shenk, P/Os T. G. Munro, P. E. Piché and F/S P. E. Ferguson (July), F/O A. Hunter and P/O A. G. McKay (September), P/Os L. Perez-Gomez, W. A. C. Gilbert and L. H. Wilson (November). The squadron adjutant, F/O J. G. B. Lawrence, re- mustered to aircrew and left in November. F/O C. E. Scarlett took over his duties temporarily.

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