Looking for information on this pilot

Personal message that was sent to me.

My uncle was Flight Officer H.R. ( Harry Robert) Hanscom who was killed in April 1945 with 443 Squadron. If anyone has any personal memories or pictures of him, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Mrs. Val McDougall
Ontario, Canada.

This is what I have found on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial Website.

In memory of
Flying Officer
Harry Robert Hanscom
April 21, 1945

Military Service:

Service Number: J/88672
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 443 Squadron

If you know anything about that pilot, please contact me by commenting or using this contact form.

As a footnote

The record of service of any serviceman who lost their lives during WWII is available if you write to Archives Canada.

Click here to be redirected to the Web page.

12 thoughts on “Looking for information on this pilot

  1. His name is mentioned here.


    With a picture also…

    Course 37 – “X” Group
    1. K.A. Williams 2. + Geoffrey Grove 3. Douglas Walter Squires 4. + Arthur Eric England 5. Barry Wilfred Hamblin 6. + Robert Dempster Jamieson 7. Clarence Herbert Schenk 8. + Harry Robert Hanscom 9. Donald William Vogel 10. + William Gordon Baldwin 11. Allan E. Fleming 12 Donald R. Ross 13. + John Vinton Pearson 14. K.M. Frost 15. A.T. Bruce 16. Alexander Gibb Millar 17. R. H. C. Thomerson 18. Malcolm John Coombe (151160) 19. H.B. Lebinson 20. + Keith Wells Noble (118390) 21. A.N. Ellis 22. K.A. Russell 23. + Geoffrey Peter Corah (115161) 24. + James Charles Wellsman 25. John Rand (118181) 26. H. Gorudeau 53. + Vodra Terrell Wolfe

    • Hi , I am Harry Hansomb’s niece. I am the one that wrote originally to this blog. I am so glad to hear of someone who knew him, and I have many pictures I could email . Thanks so much!

  2. His name is also on that document.

    Click to access 443squadron.pdf

    page 6

    While at Eindhoven, No. 443 lost another pilot, Flying Officer S. E. Messum, who crashed and was killed before he could abandon his flak-damaged aircraft. A fortnight later, on April 21st, two more
    pilots were reported missing. Flt. Lt. R. D. Marsh was winged by flak while strafing trains beyond the Elbe. Landing safely by parachute, he evaded capture and, after living on potatoes and wild ducks’ eggs for a fortnight, made his way back to the squadron. The second pilot, Flying Officer H. R. Hanscom, disappeared following a brief engagement with some Focke-Wolfs. He was presumed dead.

  3. As you know, I am ignorant in the affairs of this group, but I did follow the link to check out any slight chance he showed up in any pictures I’d seen – as you might expect, I had no luck, but it is important to me that you know I tried.

    • HIs name appears just a few times.
      No pictures found anywhere.

      Some day… someone will have something to share.

      I never let anyone down.

    • I went to see Marcel Bergeron yesterday.
      I have pictures of Marcel with a gift I gave him three years. I will write about it on My Forgotten Hobby.

  4. Pierre,

    My Uncle Bob (my father’s brother), from Orilla Ontario, is the R.D. Marsh that was shot down on the same day as H Hanscom; we were very close. Uncle Bob passed away 14 years ago, but his wife, my Aunt (actually my mother’s sister) still lives in Orilla and we are in regular contact. I have copies of almost all the documentation and pictures from his service, but have not come across any direct references to Harry Hanscom, but will go through the original collection again when I visit again.

    • Feel free to share all the information you might find. I write so people will never forget what these young men stood for. Please stay in touch.

  5. Hi Pierre, Thank you for all you have done to honour my grandfather. You were the one who put Nicole and I in contact with each other. Please keep writing on your blog. Your blog is a beautiful tribute to these brave men and the families who miss them still.

    • I will keep on writing whenever people want to contribute like Nicole and you did. More people are contributing to my other blogs right now, but when people find this blog I always help them in their search for information.

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