Luis Perez-Gomez – Redux

This pilot’s name is found on three posts on this blog that pays homage to fighter pilots of RCAF 443 Squadron.

This is post no. 49 on this blog which evolved from a blog about RCAF 403 Squadron.

RCAF 403 Squadron has more than 300 posts.

I don’t think for a second that someone would read all that I wrote about that squadron I did not know had ever existed before I met the grandson of a Spitfire pilot on my way to meet in Hamilton a Mosquito pilot who flew 50 missions with 23 Squadron a little known Mosquito squadron stationed at Little Snoring.

That’s quite a long sentence isn’t it?

I told Michael Gomez I was going to talk about this pilot once again on this blog and give him a little background on how I found out about this pilot in the first place. I will post later the pictures he sent me yesterday with a message.

It was as if Michael Gomez had found a bottle in the sea with a message in it about Luis Perez-Gomez…


This is how he found my blog and wrote me.

I only write when people write me.

Next time, I will show you all that Michael sent me about Luis.

Luis Perez-Gomez

I just want to be sure I have the green light to do it.

buzzing the airfield

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