Pat Murphy Pays Homage to Hart Finley

Hart Finley also flew with this Squadron.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

I am not the only one who writes on this blog.

I am always more than happy to let my readers write about the veterans they have met.

Pat Murphy had the privileged of meeting several Spitfire pilots, and his way to pay homage to them was to build replicas of their Spitfires.

Pat Murphy has contributed a lot to this blog. First with his article about the Smith brothers.

Pat has not stopped contributing, and this is his latest contribution about a true Canadian hero. I will add hyperlinks throughout Pat’s article so you can see what I mean by “a lot”…

I will also post pictures taken from Walter Neil Dove’s collection along the way. I am sure Pat won’t mind me doing so.


Squadron Leader, Hartland “Hart” Finley DFC

RCAF. Spitfire Pilot.

By Pat Murphy


Hart Finley flew 2 operational tours with the RCAF during…

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