Before I Forget

Patricia told me so many stories about her father in the 30 minute phone call we had yesterday that I would hate to forget…

That her father knew Johnny Johnson…

That her father knew Art Sager and that she had talked with him about her father…

That her father was an instructor in St. Eugene, in Ontario…

That he was always sad to see young pilots leaving the training school with so little experience and get killed overseas…

That he liked to fly low… very low… under bridges… under trees…

That one time while buzzing a field he killed a cow…

Patricia told me:

Who would be interested in all those anecdotes of a pilot shot down on October 11, 1944?

I told her father deserves to be remembered.

443 group picture Louis Paul Émile Piché


As well as all these airmen on this picture.443 group picture

And these pilots whose pictures were sent to Nicole Morley by Art Sager’s son.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would hate to forget that Nicole Morley is the one person responsible for all this…

Her granduncle was shot down with Paul Piché on October 11, 1944, and she wanted to know more.


She still does.

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