A Comment About Don Walz

Thank you Donald Walz,

Hello I’m French I am a grandson of the man who saved Don Walz during the WWII. My name is Magdelaine Samuel in Normandy.

Thanks a lot.

PS: Sorry for my English !!! Magdelaine Samuel

Sassy in Normandy

Who is Don Walz?

Don Walz mod

I wrote a post about him. Click here.

To contact me, please use this form or write a comment.

2 thoughts on “A Comment About Don Walz

    • I will translate that story in French for Samuel Magdelaine who lives in Sassy, Normandy.
      His grandfather helped Don Walz in his escape.
      Samuel is going to look for more information.
      His grandfather is now deceased and his father knows little about that story.

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