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From the Imperial War Museum Website


Supermarine Walrus Mark I, R6547 of ‘C’ Flight, No. 293 Squadron RAF Detachment, taxying to its dispersal at Nettuno, Italy, following a search and rescue sortie off Anzio. Behind it is parked a Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX of No. 93 Squadron RAF Detachment.

Walrus 2

Supermarine Walrus Mark Is of ‘C’ Flight No. 293 Squadron RAF Detachment, on the ground at Nettuno, Italy: X9506 ‘C’ is parked in front of R6547 ‘X’. In the foreground an American water bowser is sprinkling the surface of the landing ground in order to suppress the dust. Behind the Walruses, Supermarine Spitfire Mark IXs of No. 93 Squadron Detachment undergo repair and maintenance.


Warrant Officer J R Berry (wireless operator) and Flight Sergeant E J Holmes (pilot), an experienced air-sea rescue crew, stand in front of their Supermarine Walrus Mark I, X9506 ‘C’, of ‘C’ Flight, No. 293 Squadron RAF Detachment at Nettuno, Italy. Berry and Holmes were both recipients of the Distinguished Flying Medal for their work with No. 284 Squadron RAF, and flew several more successful rescue sorties after transferring with their aircraft to 293 Squadron in April 1944. The rescue tally on the X9506’s nose shows 23 aircrew extricated from the waters around Italy.

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