RAF 293 Squadron

I made this montage with the information I have gathered about Charles Stanley Horrell and RAF 293 Squadron.

I am still waiting for the person who owns some pictures to contact me on this forum.

Meantime, try finding Charles Horrell on that group picture if you can.

I can’t.


To contact me, please use this form or write a comment.

8 thoughts on “RAF 293 Squadron

  1. Pierre: Thanks so much for everything you have done to honor my Grandfather. I have also looked at the group picture myself and even used a magnifying glass but I still could not find him. I like to think of my Grandfather and his squadron 293 as a “MYSTERY WAITING TO BE SOLVED”. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication it truly means alot.

    • I was hoping you could identify your grandfather.
      When the person on the forum gets in touch, I will ask him if he can scan it using a larger resolution.

      • Pierre: I will do my best to try and identify my Grandfather in the squadron picture for you. I will probably have to make the picture bigger in order to make out each individual person. If I find him I will let you know.

    • I will try to get a clearer picture.
      The age difference could not be more than 3 or 4 years between the two pictures.
      Arthur was born in 1920 and died in 1944. His brother Charles was born around 1922, so he would be around 23 years old in 1945.
      On the picture I would say he is 20 thus 1942, but Nicole will probablu tell us.

      • Pierre: The age difference between Arthur and his brother Charles was 3 years. In the picture I sent you of Charles in his service uniform he was 20 years old then.Charles was born May 15,1923 and Arthur was born April 4,1920.

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