About RAF 293 Squadron

Charles Stanley Horrell was a wireless operator air gunner with RAF 293 squadron.

Charles Stanley Horrell 2

All the information about his military service is in his logbook. This is why it is so precious and no airman will give it to anyone.

Nicole told me her grandfather was with RAF 293 Squadron. This is a link to know more about that squadron.

Not much to go on.

This one is more complete.

No.293 Squadron was an air-sea rescue squadron that served in North Africa and around Italy from 1943 until early in 1946. The squadron was formed around ten Vickers Warwicks taken from Nos.283 and 284 Squadrons. The aircraft left the UK in October and flew to Algeria, where the squadron was officially formed on 28 November 1943.

For the first month of its existence the new squadron operated along the North African coast, but in January the first detachments were moved to Italy, and in March the squadron officially moved to Pomigliano. In April 1944 it gained a number of Walrus amphibians from No.283 Squadron and another batch arrived from No.284 Squadron in September. The squadron provide air-sea rescue cover around the Italian coast until it was disbanded on 5 April 1946.

November 1943-April 1946: Vickers Warwick I
April 1944-April 1946: Supermarine Walrus I and II

November-December 1943: Blida
December 1943-March 1944: Bone
March 1944-March 1945: Pomigliano
March-June 1945: Foggia
June 1945-April 1946: Pomigliano

Squadron Codes: ZE

1943-1946: Air-sea rescue, North Africa and Italy

This is a Warwick I

As I was searching the Internet, I found this forum where someone has many pictures of his father who was also with RAF 293 Squadron.

Click here.

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  1. Pierre…you are an excellent researcher! You have found so many wonderful details/documentation in such a short period of time. Nicole is so lucky to have your assistance.

    • I can’t help myself when someone’s asking for my help especially when they are nice people like Nicole.
      This blog is far from over.

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